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DELL T620 H710 Openmanage Virtual Disk Reconfiguration shown only RAID-0

I have Radi-5 with 7 hard drives as the following:
One of them is "Failure Detected = Yes".
4 hard drives are online and OK
2 hard drives are in ready state

I want to add one of the 2 ready drives to the Virtual Drive 0. When I use Open Manage in step #2, it shows only RAID-0. There is no option in the dropdown menu to select RAID-5 as it should be.

How to add one disk to this virtual drive without loosing any data and online using OpenManage and it should be RAID-5 not RAID-0?

My problem as I described above is that there is only one item in the dropdown menu showing only RAID-0 in step 2 of reconfiguring the virtual Disk, while RAID-5 IS MISSING in this dropdown menu!

FYI: I plan to use the second ready state drive after that to be Hot Spare.

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Re: DELL T620 H710 Openmanage Virtual Disk Reconfiguration shown only RAID-0



The first thing I would do is to update the server to current on BIOS, iDrac, Raid Controller, drives, as well as the latest OpenManage. Then I would address the Predicted Failure, as anything else can cause issues. Now if the Predicted Failure drive is still Online, you will need to force it Offline before you replace it. After doing those two things, let me know if the Raid displays correctly.




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