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Del Poweredge R620 foreign disk message after replacing a failed drive

Hi this is regarding a Dell Power Edge R620 server. It has 2 psychical drives Dell 146GB  SAS 6 Gbps 15K RPM. Disk 0:1:0 showed as failed with red in IdRAC GUI under Storage and I was abbe to purchase a new drive. Same manufacturer Toshiba but it did not have the Dell branding label. 

Below is a picture after the drive has been replaced and it has a foreign status


If I expand the drive with the exclamation mark you can clearly see the foreign status and the controller type: PERC H710 Mini. Interesting note both drives are manufactured by Toshiba but the original one physical 0:1:1 has a Dell branding label. The one I was able to purchase as replacement exact the same specs but no Dell branding


Below is a Storage overview page. 2 physical drives that makes one virtual. Again after replacing disk 0:1:0 show foreign


Here is a screenshot of the virtual disk status - degraded



How can I fix this foreign condition. Try rebooting the machine then CTRL-R to get to Configuration utility but have no option to rebuild. The only option that is not grayed out is to blink the led on the drive




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Dell Technologies

Is the new drive is a used one or brand new. If the new drive is used previously on another RAID then it will show as Foreign when inserted on another server

Can you boot the server to PERC configuration utility and check the foreign disk page. It will have details on RAID which this disk was part of. Once it is confirmed that new disk was part of another RAID you can clear the foreign config so that disk will go to ready state and start rebuilding. It is recommended to take a back up of data before doing such maintenance activities.

DELL-Shine K

Hi, Shine's absolutely spot on this, since your system was used previously used that's why this is causing issues.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       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Thank you both for getting back to me. The replacement drive is a new purchased (brand new sealed in a box) and was never installed in a system. Not quite sure what do you mean by booting in PERC configuration? You mean pressing  CTRL+R during normal boot? I tried this and all I can do is to turn the blinking for this drive on  or off. All other options are greyed out.



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The Foreign Configuration is a CONTROLLER configuration, not a DISK configuration. In the CTRL-R utility, hit F2 for Options, Foreign Config, Clear. You can also (and probably should) do this from Windows in OMSA - Storage, PERC, Information / Configuration (link at top of the page), then Foreign from the dropdown menu of Available Tasks for the controller, then Clear.

Once cleared and the drive is showing as Ready, you need to assign it as a Hot Spare to start it rebuilding into the array. (This is how you "rebuild" a drive - there is no "rebuild" option on the PERC.)

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