Dell C2100 Expander Backplane Issue


I'm trying to get the Dell c2100 backplane working with an LSI 9271-8i Raid Card. The backplane I have is part number 9NXC7. I have two MiniSAS cables connected between the backplane and the LSI Card. I have set the LSI/PERC jumper on the backplane to open as indicated in the user guide. The backplane powers up and the drive LEDs turn on for the connected drives. 

My issue is that none of the drives show up in the LSI card configuration manager.

The system originally came with a Perc6I and a backplane that had 1 SAS connector on it. I was able to connect the LSI card to the original backplane using a MiniSAS to SAS cable and the drives showed up.

Is there a firmware update for the 9NXC7 backplane? 

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