Dell PowerEdge 2900 RAID VD Deleted

Hello, I was trying to wipe an old server (Dell Poweredge 2900) so I could sell it. I deleted both of it's VD and created 2 new ones. I'm  pretty sure in the process I deleted the OS as well. Now when I turn on the server It gives me the promt "No boot device available, F1 to retry or F2 to setup Utility". I want to get it back to running. My goal was just to wipe the server but following other online forums I'm now at this point.

What should I do? 

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RE: Dell PowerEdge 2900 RAID VD Deleted

So, I'm confused ... did you say you wiped it out on purpose? Now you want it back? Or you just want to return it to a usable state?

You deleted them and created new ones ... the old ones are gone. Period.

You want it back in running order? What you did is akin to putting a new disk in the computer or formatting the existing drive ... there wouldn't be any expectation of it booting to anything right now.

What OS do you want to install? At this point, put in the OS media, boot to it and install.

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