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Dell PowerEdge R720 linux software raid options ?

Hello people. I got a Dell PowerEdge R720 (Service Tag:<Service tag removed>) recently to migrate from my old desktop-hardware backup linux server.

I was digging its integrated PERC H710 Mini (Embedded) and I think I am in trouble.

Problem #1:

It doesn't recognize a few SSD disks. "Cheap" SSDs like Crucial MX 500, a ADATA model that I can't recall right now and TEAML5Lite3D1TB. It recognizes a few intel models and my old Crucial MX 300 though. So I can't use a few disks from my old mdadm RAID. Bummer.


Problem #2:

I tried but failed to make it work in AHCI mode or whatever its name is (Software Passthrough?) Reading about H710 Mini I think it's not doable. Only hardware Raid like it or not. (Or am I wrong?)


I had to use its hardware raid as "RAID 0" and initialize every disk separately. I don't need hardware raid and I don't want to use it as multiple disks raid 0 - per disk - to use mdadm later. I just need my old mdadm raid back and have my "freedom" to use the array wherever I want and to migrate it freely everywhere.



So, Is there a way to make it work ? If not, I found 2 controllers in a local store.

a) 0K09CJ (Dell PE PERC H310 6gb/s RAID Controller) and

b) 0TY8F9 (DELL 0TY8F9 PERC H710P)

Would it work if I add a controller listed above (preferably 310) ? Or I need someone else ?


If at least can't avoid hardware raid, I would like a controller to recognize all disks, not "special" , "recognized" , "approved by dell" "etc" ones.... Can't afford to buy again 8 x "Premium-not-cheap-models" 1TB SSD disks and migrate 5+ TB. It's insane.


Thank you for your time.

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Re: Dell PowerEdge R720 linux software raid options ?

Hi Chris,

Based on what you've said in your post, I'd grab the H310. It has the ability to enter passthrough mode, whereas the H710 and H710P do not.

Now, you may still run into issues with drive recognition on unvalidated drives. Consumer grade drives do seem to have the most frequent issues, but 3rd party drives aren't something I work with enough to help with any perspective. Generally speaking, if they get picked up, they'll run fine. I've seen a few that liked to go up and down, but mostly not.

If for whatever reason you can't get the H310, you'd want to look at an HBA, instead of a RAID controller.

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