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Dell Poweredge R710 Disks Show amber light

Hi Dell Community,

The 2 disks on my Dell Poweredge R710 are all displaying amber light after an initial green light (comes with green then changes to amber on and off)

The disks are configured for RAID 1. Though this indication has not affected the Server in terms of data loss or performance (as it is currently on, running and accessible), I want to know if there is an imminent failure which could result in data loss or performance and how to forestall such an occurance

I have actually moved the disks to another R710 server but the amber light is persistent. Again the disks were replaced with working ones but the error is still there. (They were changed individually so no data was lost).

It should be noted that same servers, configured similarly are working normal without any issues

Please Help as this is giving a lot of friction between my Manager and me.

Thank you.

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