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Dell Poweredge T420 with PERC H710 - RAID1 query

We've got a Dell Poweredge T420 with PERC H710 RAID Adaptor.

It has 5x drives with the status' as shown below:
  - 2x RAID1 (Boot)
       Device0: OFFLINE 
       Device1: Online
  - 3x RAID 5 (Data)
       Device2: Online
       Device3: Online
       Device4: Online

Initially it stated 'Forign configuration found' on boot & no boot device could be found.
I imported the forign configuration & now it tries to boot into Windows but bluescreens after a few seconds & reboots.

If I boot into Windows (2008) Recovery mode, it does not list any disks initially.
I tried loading the driver for the RAID controller and then the reocvery console says:
"The device is not ready for use: its door may be open.  Please check the drive \Device\Harddisk2\DR1 and make sure it is inserted and that the drive door is closed"

I can't be 100% sure I'm using the correct driver though as there seem to be several different versions/variations.

It seems strange that Windows tries to boot and then bluescreens (so I presume it's reading the boot drive to some extent) but in the recovery console it can't seem to see the drive at all.

Also, when I reboot, the RAID controller looses the imported forign configuration and gives the same 'Forign configuration found' message as before.

The LED on Device0 is flashing orange/green slowly 
The LED on Device0 is flashing orange more quickly


RAID controller details:
   Product name: PERC H710
   Package:  21.2.0-0007
   FW Version: 3.130.05-2086
   BIOS Version: 5.38.00_4.12.05.00_0x5260000
   Boot Block Version:


What is the best action to take?

I've read forcing a drive online can make things worse


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