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Dell R710 Perc 700 super slow write performance

Hi guys

I built this machine as a home file server for backups. 

I am extremely disappointed. 


Its a windows server 2016 machine.

6 bays

2 are in raid 1 as boot drives and working drives for the server

4 drives are in raid 10

the 4 drives in raid 10 are 6TB each. It gives me a 12 TB raid cluster. 

Through the network i am trying to move 180 gig file for testing. I can not get a better transfer speed then 11 mb/s


I thought it might be my network so i took the sending machine and connected it directly to the server with a gig switch in the middle and nothing else. All other ports were blank


Still 11 mb/s


So then i took a solid state hard drive and plug it into the back of the server on USB. I tried to move 180 gig file that way and all i can get is 30 mb/s


This is very slow. Can someone offer some ideas? I have turned on write caching on raid array

Windows server is not doing anything with the drives. All i did was create a volume on the 12 TB raid 10 drive and do a file share with it so i can see the share from my desktop. the 11 mb/s is just copy and pasting to the file share.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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Re: Dell R710 Perc 700 super slow write performance


It doesn't sound like an H700 write performance issue. It sounds like a network transfer speed issue. On a single link 1Gb network your theoretical maximum transfer rate is ~113MB/sec. On a 100Mb connection your theoretical limit is ~12.5MB/s. Also, depending on the file type that you are transferring, it may not transfer at or near network or disk maximum transfer rates. Lots of small files may transfer much slower.

If you think it is a disk or controller write speed issue then I suggest performing a local test instead of over the network.


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