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Dell R720 with PERC H710 Mini flashed to IT mode not in BIOS

I am wondering if someone had this issue as well, but yesterday I installed a Dell R720 in a datacenter with an PERC H710 Mini raid controller flashed to IT mode. But now when I am home, I cannot even see the Raid Controller as it says that it is not installed, while it was...

When I try to install VMware ESXi 6.7 with Dell Customized ISO, it does see the drives, but it does not boot on it. As I personally think this is not possible due to not seeing the raid controller.

I also see no RAID CONTROLLER Utility option (CTRL + R) when starting up the system. The LifeCycle Controller says error: STOR0502 (No Raid controller installed), but it is definitely installed.

Can someone help me with this?