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Dell T320 raid 5 2 disk in predictive failure


A client of mine has Dell T320 H710 raid 5 with 2 disks in predictive failure (one foreign and the other online).
The system is working.
The disks are

400-19622 : 300GB SAS 6Gb/s 15.000rpm 3,5" disco rigido hot-plug

I do not find them anywhere.

Can someone help me?



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Re: Dell T320 raid 5 2 disk in predictive failure

Andrea SVG,

I would start with getting a backup of the data, as there is a chance of data loss. After that I would update the server on BIOS, iDrac, H710, as well as the drives (if available). Once that is complete I would run a Consistency Check on the Virtual Disk as well

Chris Hawk

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