Dell dcs Fs12-nv7 gigabyte backplane

Recently I picked up the Dell dcs Fs12-nv7.

This has a gigabyte backplane Gc-bs212e1 

I have googled and binged these sites nothing turns up. No engineers manual or specs. 

Anyone who may have any documentation or personal experience, please comment.

This perticular backplane has stumped me. I don't like to give up, and and I like to experience different  product lines with different features OS's. 

I believe that 3x sff-8484 connecters. IMG_20180831_031426.jpgI believe that these are 3 SFF-8484 ports please quote me if I'm wrong.


IMG_20180831_031327.jpgModel and Manufacture Gigabyte for 12 SAS ports



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