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Dell r420 raid insert another disk

Hi everybody.

i have a dell r420 server 1U.

The server has 2 SSD of 2TB each - in raid 1 mirror. (the disks contains the virtual machine)

The server has 1 SSD of 250gb . (the disk contains the operation system of the host machine - Server 2012 R2)

I have another slot for hard disk and i want to insert regular HDD of 4 TB. (for backup data).

I don't want that the system will startup and recognize it and turn it to Raid... i just want another hard drive for data (NonRaid). (of course as GPT to view all the 4 TB)

Is there anything to configure or just insert the disk , turn on the machine and pray for healthy startup ? Plug and Pray...


I want to mention that the server is a production server so i must be very precise and gentle with this server.




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Re: Dell r420 raid insert another disk

You can use OpenManage or the PERC BIOS to set the drive to non-RAID mode. You can achieve the same result with a single drive RAID 0, but if you specifically want a non-RAID volume, toggle it in the PERC BIOS as described in the article below or use OpenManage and go into the Physical Disks section of storage and set the disk as non-RAID.

Reference: https://www.dell.com/support/manuals/us/en/04/poweredge-rc-h830/perc9ugpublication/converting-physic...

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