Diagnostic Error Code: 4400-146 [Need help diagnosing hard drives]

So I currently have a few drives in my Dell PowerEdge R610 server, when I boot into the UEFI and try to run diagnostics on the hard drives I get this error. This error does not happen when I run the diagnostic on the hard drive that the OS installed on. I'm stumped and any help in resolving this would be grandly appreciated. Just need to run proper diagnostics on hard drives for customers but I keep getting this fail error.

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RE: Diagnostic Error Code: 4400-146 [Need help diagnosing hard drives]


I suggest using a newer version of the diagnostic utility. If the issue persists then the drives are either faulty or incompatible. If they are Dell drives then make sure firmware throughout the system and on the hard drives is up to date.

Our systems are designed to work with drives running Dell firmware. I would not trust the results of our diagnostics run against a non-Dell drive.


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