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Display Error EOD76

I get the following error on the display of my 25650 - EOD76 Drive Fail.

The disk is still working and want to know if it is a disk problem or a fault with the system.

Any info would be appreciated

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Re: Display Error EOD76


The system documentation indicates the E0D76 error is a hard drive or raid controller error. The first steps in troubleshooting would be to reseat the components and to apply the latest System Upgrades.

System BIOS, English, PowerEdge 2650, A16
FileName:  PE2650-BIOSA16.exe [636 KB]
Release Date:  9/19/2003

ESM Firmware, PowerEdge 2650, A02
Filename: fwsBPa02.exe [112 KB]

ERA and DRACIII/XT, Firmware, v.2.50, A01
FileName:  d_0721v250_bma.exe [2 MB]
Release Date:  8/28/2003

Note: Do not apply the following firmware until after installing the latest driver for your Operating System.

Adaptec PERC3/Di, Firmware, PowerEdge 2650, V2.7.1.3170, A05
Filename: BB317005.exe [874 KB]

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