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Expanding Perc H700 Raid 5 - Server 2012 boot disk

Poweredge T420 with PERC H710.  Currently 3x1TB drives in RAID 5.  Looking to add 1 additional 1TB drive into the array.  Simple enough to do in OMSA - reconfigure the VD to include the new drive.  

Possible difficulty/questions - This is the primary/boot/only disk in the system.  OS is Server 2012.  Can this operation be done "online" through OMSA while the OS is running?  And, will the OS see the new size (~3TB)?  Currently the OS sees the current VD as 2.73GB and I see conflicting information of 2TB limit on MBR volume (which this is), except possibly if it's RAID, but can't find an explanation of the except if RAID part.  

Just would rather figure this out ahead of time than after hitting the GO button....

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RE: Expanding Perc H700 Raid 5 - Server 2012 boot disk

Yes, this can be done from OMSA while the OS is online and running.

As to the 2TB limit, RAID is NOT a factor:

  • Windows cannot use a "disk" larger than 2TB unless it is a GPT disk
  • Windows cannot "boot" to a GPT disk, unless Windows was installed on a UEFI-enabled system
  • Conversion to GPT is data-destructive
  • BIOS installations will not boot in UEFI mode

So, you will have an issue here expanding the VD.  You might be better off adding a disk(s) in a separate VD (separate "disk"), then moving data to it.

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