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Extend storage space on PowerEdge T110

Good Morning. I count on the server specified in the subject and I need to expand its capacity, since it is a file server in the corporation where I work.

The server has a PERC S300 / S100 RAID card, a 465 GB virtual drive (Hard Drives: 3 x 300GB RAID4)

As I see it, I have 4 options:

1 - Add a 2 TB Sata disk as slave (The counter is that it would not have RAID protection)
2 - Reinstall the SO in RAID with 3 new disks (I need to know the maximum capacity supported by the board)
3 - USB Disk RAID (Reduce my access / read / write speed)
4 - NAS Disk (It would stop managing the NTFS permissions from the active directory)

I would greatly appreciate sharing your experiences and recommendations.

From already thank you very much.

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RE: Extend storage space on PowerEdge T110


Another option is called Online Capacity Expansion, as defined on page 24 here. It is the process that allows you to add storage capacity to an existing virtual disk. In most cases it can be added without taking the system offline.

You would simply add a matching drive to the ones installed in the server and then do a Reconfigure within the controller. If there isn't room for another drive you would need to backup the data, delete and recreate the VD with larger drives, Then reinstall OS and restore data.


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