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Failed RAID 1, can I import foreign disk after it's cleared?

I had a failed RAID 1 rebuild. 

Unfortunately, I cleared the foreign status on the existing good disk.

Can I rescue the data on that disk still somehow?

Can I build a new Virtual Disk with that drive without erasing it?


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Re: Failed RAID 1, can I import foreign disk after it's cleared?



When you clear or import the foreign you are not doing anything to the data on the drives, what it is clearing or importing is the raid configuration data. So when you cleared the foreign you told the controller to ignore the raid configuration data on the drive and to trust the raid configuration data on the controller. The foreign itself is triggered because the controller sees different raid configuration data on the drive that what it had itself.

Now if when the drive was foreign the Virtual Disk was NOT able to boot to the OS, then you would want to Import the Foreign. The reason being is that if the raid config data on the controller was correct, then the Virtual Disk would boot normally. In turn if the Virtual Disk is booting then you would Clear the foreign, as the controller has the correct config as it boots. 

Your option now would be to retag the Virtual Disk, which is the process in which the Virtual Disk is deleted and recreated using the identical parameters (Drives, Drive Order, Stripe Size, Cache Policies, etc.), but when doing so you do NOT initialize the Virtual disk as that will delete all data on the drives. When performing a retag it can result in the loss of all data on the Virtual Disk, so it is strongly advised to verify you have a complete, current backup of your data before performing the retag.

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