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Flush command return error in Write-Through Cache mode

Good morning?
I am using a DELL PERC H700 SCSI Disk Raid device.
Currently in write-through cache mode, the Windows kernel driver returns an error if it sends a flush command to the volume device. This means that the Windows kernel driver passes the IRP_MJ_FLUSH_BUFFERS IRP to the disk device.

The error code returned is 0xC0000010. Here is the explanation I found on MSDN: "STATUS_INVALID_DEVICE_REQUEST: The specified request is not a valid operation for the target device"

Is it related to this flush error and write-through mode of the Raid device?
In Write-Through mode, it flushes every IO, so it does not need a separate Flush command and returns an error?

In a recent test of a similar type, the Flush command did not return an error in Write-Through mode. But the equipment I'm using is a long time ago. Did the old firmware or driver return an error?

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