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H310 IT firmware


We have the new R720 servers with the H310 mini model raid controllers. The problem is that we would need to run them in the IT mode that the LSI 2008 controller is capable of using the IT firmware. The disks would be presented to the OS the same as the non-raid disk using the normal firmware. But the OS driver needed is different, and we need the IT firmware for it to work correctly. Because we are using Nexenta which only works with the mps_sas driver with IT mode cards.

Is there a working Dell IT firmware for the H310 that will work with the mini model version? The Dell 6Gbps SAS HBA adapter uses the same LSI chip and uses the IT firmware. The firmware for that card works for the normal PCI-E versions of Dell H310 and other 2008 cards. But our mini model type cards can only work in the Dell storage slot. And I don't want a useless H310 if it results in this BIOS message at boot: "Invalid PCIe card found in internal system slot".
These post makes me reluctant to try a firmware flash on a H310:

Our only alternative is to start using original LSI internal SAS adapters.



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Re: H310 IT firmware

Working on the asme solution and would love an answer to this.

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RE: H310 IT firmware

Same here.

Two good reasons to want IT firmware:

  • good ZFS support (*solaris/illumos/FreeBSD)
  • system TRIM support for SSD drives (linux/BSD/...)

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