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H700 Disk Replaement

I have Dell PowerEdge R610 with H700 integrated which have a disk with SMART failure predicted warning, there is no hot-spare disk, I understand I should replace this disk,
All the disks on this virtual drive (RAID 10) are exactly the same make and model and I'm unable to arrange such disk with same model,

will it work if I will try to replace this disk with a disk from different manufacturer with similar specs (speed, cache) but larger size (eg 1.2TB instead of 900GB) ?
Do I understand correctly that for the replacement process, I should first put this disk to offline, replace the disk with a new disk, set the new disk as hot-spare, and afterwards the controller will utilize this disk for instead of the failed disk and make if part of the virtual disk automatically?
Thanks in advance for your help,
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Re: H700 Disk Replaement



A good rule of thumb with replacement drives, as long as they're compatible to the server, is that you can install larger and faster drives to a irtual Disk, but you can not install a smaller or slower drive to the Virtual Disk. The controller can take a larger/faster drive and will set it to the same as the Virtual Disk members.


Now on a side note, with the Predicted Failure drive, if it is still currently ONLINE then you will need to force it OFFLINE before replacing. This keeps it from transferring the Predicted Failure to the replacement drive. Now if the Predicted Failure is in a failed/offline state then you can just remove it and insert the replacement. 


Hope this helps. 

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