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HW RAID Controller for Dell CS23-SH blade server

Hi All, 

I am trying to find some help regarding compatibility for our servers and hw RAID controllers that we need to get in order to configure RAID 1 but I had no luck with that so far. 

So we have five Dell CS23-SH servers that have Intel Embedded Server RAID Technology II. The problem is that we have ESXi running on those servers, which does not support software RAID.

Therefore, the servers require compatible hardware RAID controllers but I just cannot find anything that would help me choose the right controller. I have found Dell Perc 5/i or Dell Perc 6/i controllers as someone mentioned them on a different forum but that was just their guess; and I need to know for sure :P 

If anyone ever had the same server or knows that server and also knows whether Perc controller would be compatible then I would greatly appreciate an advise in this matter. 

Thanks a lot Smiley Happy

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