Hard Drive Install in a PE1300

I am currently working on a PE1300/400 with BIOS rev A12 (I upgraded from A04), and Adaptec AIC-7890 host rev 2.01 Dell 001. I have installed a Seagate ST118202LC SCSI hard drive and still have the original drive, an IBM DDRS-34560(this is my 1st adventure with SCSI drives). I replaced the cable with a "Adaptec Compliant" unit. I am unable to use this or any other HD, despite the fact that the machine appears to see it, but it refers to the drive as a Model SX1180202LS and cannot report the drive capacity. I cannot get the Adaptec utility to perform any functions on the drive. I am also unable to get the machine to recognize or allow me to use an EIDE drive. I am able to run a Linux OS nicely from a CD, so the machine is of some use. Frankly, this has become a complete conundrum. Any ideas as to what I can try next?

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Re: Hard Drive Install in a PE1300


The IDE controller on the PowerEdge 1300 was only validated with the CDrom, hard drives have not been tested.

Did you set the Scsi ID for the new drive? Each Scsi hard drive must have a unique ID, set by a jumper on the hard drive. Hard drives are usually the lower numbers, but you can use any number except 7, which is the controller. This is an example of the jumper settings:

Are you sure the Seagate part number is ST118202LC? This is an 80 pin hard drive, not designed for the PowerEdge 1300. The 1300 should use 68 pin hard drives.

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