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Help with Raid 1 Retrofit Solution for PowerEdge SC1430

System: PowerEdge SC1430 two dual core Xeon 5130s running MS SBS 2003 R2 SP2, 2 SATA 160GB HDs, RD1000 Internal SATA Drive.

Systems was ordered with no RAID options. No onboard RAID, no Controller Card.   I would like to implement RAID 1 mirroring on this box.  I understand my choices are:  Software RAID, PERC5i, or SAS5iR.  I want to advoid total system rebuild if possible.  Right now 1st drive has two partitions C and D.  The second drive is totally unused.  The 1st drive is Ghosted to RD1000 on regular basis.

Seeking recommendations on which RAID soultion is preferable.  Which solution can be implemented without total rebuild.

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Re: Help with Raid 1 Retrofit Solution for PowerEdge SC1430

We have an SC1430 with a Perc5i card - I believe this should be your best performing solution from the list you give.  However, we are currently having some kind of strange file copy issue which could just be a bad perc 5i card.

You would drop the perc 5i in - install the drivers - then move your current drives to the perc and boot from them - install the perc raid management software to setup your raid 1 to the unused drive and begin rebuild...  Make sure you get the proper sata cable connectors for the perc 5i as well - they are proprietary.  And if you want to maximize performance with 'write back' mode you will need to get a BBU (battery backup) with it - otherwise the Dell drivers force it to use write through mode.



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