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How to Add SSD to Dell R710 without raid


i have R710 Dell server.

i want to add 4 SSD drives to it but with NO RAID configuration 

so after googling i found that r710 not support SSD out of raid configuration , so i bought this SAS controller as someone on dell community suggested sas controller will be needed for it , so i bought sas controller with cables


so when i had installed sas controller and plugin the cable  the SSD are still not detected probobly due to no power for the ssd sata drives , so i wonder from where i can get power for the ssd drive , 

so can you guys recommed me some location in server from where i can take power for the ssd drives and what kind of cables i will need

One another Question i have in mind , dell build this expensive server but have the forgotten basic stata controller in it or what ? because ever computer have sata controller on board 



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Re: How to Add SSD to Dell R710 without raid



The issue you're seeing is likely due to the fact the controller you got isn't supported in the R710, as seen here under Compatible Systems. The 9207-8i controller is intended for use in the 12th generation systems. The controllers supported in the R710 are the H200, the Perc 6i, and the H700, there are more, but not that support SSDs. Those controllers do support SSD's


You can set the embedded SATA under SATA Settings in the BIOS.



Hope this helps.


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