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How to get into RAID bios while booted into Linux

I have a 2950 that I can't reboot right now to enter the RAID BIOS during bootup.  I thought there was a way I could install something in Linux that would allow me to access the RAID settings, but I can't seem to find it.  Anyone know where I can download that program from?

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Try to install OpenManage Server Administrator. There are Linux packages, but it may not work on all Linux distros and configurations. It will install both a GUI and CLI commands for talking to the RAID controller. It may require a reboot though before you can use it.

What are you trying to do?

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Just trying to see what it says about the drive's status, and try to confirm if it's hot swappable.

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All drives in a 2950 are hot-swappable.

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Right, I guess I more meant what the RAID situation was for that particular drive.  like if it's already failed and a hot spare picked up and rebuilt already.

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