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Installing Windows Server 2012

I have a T110 II, that I just put two new hdd's in. I need to re-install Windows Server 2012. I am attempting to use the built in Unified Server Configurator (UEFI v2.1), but I am having some difficulties. Most of the online help I am finding does not apply to this older version. Most of the options I see being used aren't available on what I have. 

In the OS Deployment section, if I choose to download from the FTP source it will download but then eventually tell me my usb drive is too small, it is 128GB. 

If I choose USB, I can select the USB drive that is plugged but it dead ends; meaning, it tells me it needs to authenticate the catalog (which could take 2 minutes) but then does nothing. 

I'm sure I am missing something simple here. Thanks for any help!

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Re: Installing Windows Server 2012

It may be the case that the firmware is behind. If that is the case, I would install Windows, then update firmware, unless you already know how to use Dell Repository Manager. 

You would just need to boot directly to the Windows media, and when it asks where you want to install Windows, you'd need to manually load a driver, which will then cause Windows to pick up the disks. You would just need to download the .EXE onto a functional system, then run and extract the payload onto a USB. 

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