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Installing Windows Server on Gen 11 / R810 / R710 PERC h700

Hi All,

Short answer - Disable internal SD card slot.

Long story:

I run into an issue trying to install windows on PERC h700 raid on 11gen servers (R710/R810). The issue is resolved, but taking into account that gen11 is still popular for home labs and various projects, and the way it manifests itself could be misleading I thought I would post it here in case somebody run into similar issue.

I have over dozen of old unused r810/r710 that were originally used as ESXi nodes in diskless configuration booting from internal SD card. I repurposed some of them for various projects, and for most of them I need local storage, so added perc h710. 

Card was recognized and raid built/initialized and could be used successfully by esxi as a datastore or as installation media. Same for Linux (ububtu/Centos/e.t.c)

But when it comes to windows server it would fail to install whether I was using Lifecycle controller (with driver pack)  or trying to install directly.

Depending on windows version (2008r2 2012r2, 1809)   it would either fail to create a partition, or if new partition is created and formatted it would fail to copy files. I spend days trying to fix what It thought was the driver/firmware issue, until I noticed that I can't configure boot priority for RAID, and it's grouped under "hard disk" along with dual SD card and OEM pack.  So I disabled internal SD card and was able to boot and install windows successfully.  

Once I started to dig into that direction I.E SD card cause issue during Windows installation, I immediately found an old thread https://www.dell.com/community/PowerEdge-HDD-SCSI-RAID/Unable-to-get-Windows-2012-R2-to-install/m-p/... so it looks like a know issue, it just hard to recognize it the way Windows reports an error.

Hope that would help somebody.


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Re: Installing Windows Server on Gen 11 / R810 / R710 PERC h


Thank you for taking to time to share your solution, we greatly appreciate people like yourself that taking time out to provide solutions and assistance to the community.

Thank you again.


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