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Migrating RAID/Reconfiguring Partition Scheme

Greets all,

I am working with a PE2500 (HMDVH11) with a PERC3Di and 3/36GB drives in a RAID-1 (3rd drive is currently unused) running SBS2k with CSmiley Sad8GB) and DSmiley Sad25GB) and I need to migrate to RAID-5. BIOS/FW/drivers/etc. have been updated to latest version. From reading the forums and what documentation I have found, I am getting conflicting reports on whether or not I can do this on the fly w/o having to backup, migrate, restore. I am relatively new to Dell servers and PERC controllers so my learning curve is at its steepest right now. In addition, I would "like" to reconfigure the partition scheme as well (i.e. resize D: and create ESmiley Happy but this is low on my list of priorities. Any assistance or kick in the right direction is appreciated.

Ken Sadler
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