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Multiple H710 controllers on R720XD

I'm planning to reconfigure an r720xd into an all flash setup and would like to split the setup into 3 raid groups. Can I use 3 x H710 controllers (1 for every 8 drives) to improve performance?

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RE: Multiple H710 controllers on R720XD


Can I use 3 x H710 controllers

No, only a single internal controller is supported. The x24 backplane only has one SASA and SASB set of connections. Those are designed to be connected to a single controller. You may be able to split them between two controllers, but I don't know what the outcome would be. It may not work at all, may work but produce an error, or may work without error. There is no way to use a 3rd controller. The other SAS slot is designed to connect to the x2 rear backplane, not a controller.


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