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New to servers, need assistance in purchasing raid controler

I have an Poweredge 2850 that i want to connect to a intransa VA-expndr 24 tb storage server.


The intransa has an SAS output port for a SFF-8088 but sadly the poweredge doesn't have a port for my cable.


The cable that came with the set up is an 1m SFF-8088 to SFF-8470 External SAS Cable


Anyone have quick knowledge of what raid controller that would be compatible with the dell poweredge?


I need to get one with a input port for the SFF- 8470 but dont want to buy something if it's not compatible with the poweredge.


Thanks for you insight on this situation

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Re: New to servers, need assistance in purchasing raid contr


The PERC5e is the only external SAS RAID controller I see listed for a 2850. It appears to have the connector you are looking for. You can find documentation on the controller support page. I suggest reviewing the documentation to make sure it is what you are looking for.

You should also review documentation on the system. You can find system documentation on the 2850 support page. I show that PCIe support was optional with the 2850, so you may not have a PCIe slot. I show the PERC5e is a PCIe card, so it will not likely function unless you have a PCIe slot.


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