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PE 1550 SCSI Boot Error. (no boot device)

My PowerEdge 1550 has developed a fault. I am unable to boot the machine. When starting I get the messages,

Adaptec AIC-7899 SCSI BIOS Build..

Host Adapter Configuration Error

SCSI BIOS Not Installed!

No Boot device available
strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for set up utility

The Floppy and CD drive seem to work OK, and I can run up the Assist CD but not boot down to the utilities. Dell BIOS A07 install. Onboard SCSI shows as present but no SCSI devices are listed in the boot sequence, only floppy,cd and net pxe.

The hard disc has power and the activity light flickers during power up, but no other activity after that.

I get no POST beeps, except for a doublt beep when the No boot message appears.

OS installed is/was (take your pick) win2k.


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RE: PE 1550 SCSI Boot Error. (no boot device)

OK I understand that the BIOS not installed message is bit of a red herring and is not the problem.

I have managed to get the machine booted but it's not consistant. Once up the machine stays up and passes all the diag tests.

When booting sometimes I get the system scanning the SCSI bus and identifying devices, other times not.

Any ideas?

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Re: RE: PE 1550 SCSI Boot Error. (no boot device)

Did you ever solve the problem ?  If So how ?
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