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PE2300 - Dead HD - Now won't go past POST

I'm in deep! one of the HDs died and now the box will go 'successfully' through the POST process with no errors but will NOT launch the OS. Here is what I've tried tonight.

I have a PE 2300 (Service tag 0641W) that is host to Exchange server, our student SIS data, and the User 'HomeDrives'. I'm running W2K, and have kept up with MS updates, backups, etc.

It has (had) 2 RAID 5 containers (arrays)set up - #1 - 3 - 4.5GB with the OS and the Exchange App; #2 - 3 18GB with the Exchange data, student data, and user home drives. One of the 18gb drives died - I cannot even get into the PERC config with it in the box. It returns the error "HA at BASEPORT E490h is not responding."

I discovered that if I pulled all three 18gb drives, the SCSI card would beep, but I could boot to the OS. I went in and ran a quick backup of some data and a SystemState. I shut her down and proceeded with the following:
I have a 73GB drive that I put in with the 2 18Gb, but all 3 showed 'FAIL' in the PERC config. I did a 'Force Online' of the 2 18GB and did a 'Rebuild' on the 73GB. It appeared to finish successfully.

Now whether the 2nd container (array) is in or out, the OS will NOT start. There are no error messages - other than 'container 2 failed' when the drives are out - it gets to where it makes one small beep and sits there looking numb.

Any ideas?

I have thought of putting 73GB drives in (that's all I have) and starting from scratch. But that doesn't thrill. It will take a while and I won't know for sure what I have for Exchange Data 'til I get that far down the road. It'll be a first. I have a good user backup from Sun PM. then there's the fun of dealing with the users for a day or so while getting things straightened out. SIGH!

Thanks for reading and giving some ideas.
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Re: PE2300 - Dead HD - Now won't go past POST

Hi Singing Tech,


  Your RAID controller is a PERC II U77 F/W


Needs to be updated to U84 without the 73GB U3/160 drive in the server. If the 73 GB drive is a U320, you cannot use it.




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