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PERC 330/730: can you pass-through (JBOD) a subset of drives?

The new PERCs 330, 730 claim JBOD / pass-through mode (like the old IT firmware).

My question: can you use hardware RAID for some drives and pass-through the remaining drives?

E.g. HW RAID1 for drive0, drive1 (for OS), pass-through (JBOD) drive2-driveN (for ZFS, say).

In the case of pass-through, do you still get the warning light (the orange LED) in the case of failure/impending failure of the disk?

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RE: PERC 330/730: can you pass-through (JBOD) a subset of drives?

Hello. Yes, the PERC9 Series will allow individual drives to set as Non-RAID and will they retain the LED indicator status accordingly.

Converting physical disks to non-RAID disk
1. Enter the Dell PERC 9 Configuration Utility. See Navigating to PERC 9 Configuration Utility.
2. Click Configuration Management → Convert to Non-RAID Disk.
3. Select Select Physical Disks to Convert to Non-RAID.
4. Select the physical disk and click OK.
A screen is displayed asking if you are sure you want to perform the operation.
5. Click Yes to continue

Here is a link the PERC9 Series manual. 


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