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PERC-6/i to PERC-6/ir Migration.

Dear Team,

I am running on 11G Dell Server R-610 with PERC-6/i out of warranty but recently the RAID Card showing faulted, so i have a one unit spare PERC 6/IR card, now if i install PERC 6/ir card in the server it is create any issue with existing RAID group? Please any one suggest me / help me.



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RE: PERC-6/i to PERC-6/ir Migration.

There is no "PERC 6/iR", so I have to ask: What exactly do you have? If you have another PERC 6/i controller, it should pick up the RAID array fine (although you should update that controller's firmware first). If you have a SAS 6/iR, then it won't work. Period. You would need to backup and restore to a new array created on the SAS 6/iR controller.

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