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PERC H200 won't recognize 4TB hard drives

PERC H200 in a PowerEdge T310 running HyperV Server 2012 R2.
Thought I could update the firmware and that might resolve it. But when I tried the command line utility and the standard exe they both stated that it was an unsupported operating system.

I really don't want to install an OS on another drive just so I can update the firmware so it might work.

Anyone else run into this or know of a compatible download?
Or maybe why it doesn't work?

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RE: PERC H200 won't recognize 4TB hard drives

Use Repository Manager. Sync with Dell.com, use the T310 bundle (LINUX ONLY), export to bootable ISO, boot to it and let it update everything.

What model of drives are you using? Not all drives are guaranteed to work - it may not be the controller.

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RE: PERC H200 won't recognize 4TB hard drives

I'm also looking at the H200 on the r515.  Do you know if it supports the enterprise seagates: ST5000NM0084?



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