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PERC H330 - Can I add a Fan?


I am using PERC H330 in a custom system. Is it possible to add a fan on top of the H330 card to cool it down? My idle temperate is around 55 C and I think that is high. 

If yes, where do I buy the fan, where to connect the power and where do I mount it?  



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Try something like this? Connecting it should be a no-brainer ;)

Seriously though, there are no "optional" fan slots. You didn't say which server model you have, but if it is a rackmount server, then there will be no additional power connections and no real room to place it within the server. You'd have to do some clever electrical work just to power it, which could be risky to the server, which probably isn't acceptable in any production environment.

If you have a tower server, there "might" be additional power leads you could connect a fan to, but then you'd probably have to cut a hole in the chassis to mount the fan.

Is it worth it? Probably not. What is your ambient temp in the server room? Is there good air flow to the server? The maximum recommended AMBIENT temperature for the H330 is 65 C (meaning the device temp would be even higher), so I'm not sure there is much to worry about at this point. If air flow, clean air, or ambient temps aren't great, I'd look at improving them to ensure the system stays at a safe temp.

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Lol... I have this server case - m.newegg.com/.../N82E16811192419 it’s 4U so I have the space and it’s using a supermicro motherboard which has additional fan pins. Currently the server is in our office but will eventually go to data center where the temperature is around 65 I want to say. Since the ambient temperatures max is 65, I think adding a fan will be nice to keep it cool - especially since I do have the space. I am thinking about something like this now www.ebay.com/.../1644758553 Will have to check if local frys has something like that
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Yeah, all bets are off when using OEM hardware in third-party cases (and vice versa). Dell servers (for which the H330 is specifically designed), monitor the various hardware temps and adjust the system cooling accordingly. Since it is a retail board, you might be able to adjust the fan speeds manually which may help you lower the PERC temp. If you have additional headers for fans, great too.

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To add, Flash those where mighty small fans you pictured, mine are larger, bit of a hassle mounting them though, bit noisy also, especially when your on the phone 3 rooms down from the server . :emotion-7:Image result for industrial fan

As to adding a muffin fan for cooling... 

The add-in fans on a card as described in an earlier post is you best be/easiest. The fan need not be directly attached to the raid adapter. I add fans to some of my client's server's raid adapters , cheap insurance.

You can mount just about any reasonable muffin fan for added cooling, 4"-6", 5V or 12v. Since it is a server rarely open I mount them with large nylon ties, attached to just about anything in the case. It is not a pretty engineered mounting but who cares. As to voltage, generally fans are 5v or 12v (12v is the best, safest for the computer), you can create a connector from an LP4 power connector or tap one of the LP4 connectors. A VOM meter will tell you the correct wires to tap, only danger is make sure you have the correct wires tapped and no short circuits.

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