PERC H700 SSD configuration


We have PowerEdge T610 with PERC H700 installed and I have a question: Is it possible to install only ssd drives? What drives do You recommend (now we have 6x 300GB SAS 15K), witch configuration (RAID) would be best for postgresql?  

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RE: PERC H700 SSD configuration


Yes, you can run only SSD. Note that SSD, SAS and SATA drives can not be mixed in the same RAID array but each of them can constituent RAID arrays on the same controller. I would recommend use of enterprise class drives that are certified by Dell. The capacity and speed of the drives depends on your data needs. RAID 10 is normally recommended for database applications.

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RE: PERC H700 SSD configuration

If you are ok with refurbished drives, check Ebay for Dell Intel S3710 SSDs. These are rated for write-intensive usage (and therefor should last a very long time) and the 400GB model can be picked up for very little money (in the US).

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