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So I have inherited a server in a far off remote location. We spotted that one of the disks had a predictive failure. So I ordered a new one and sent it out (server not under warranty). I now know we should have marked the disk "offline" first. Never mind! The disk has been swapped over and I have set it to "Global Hot Spare". It appeared to start rebuilding back into the RAID 5 over night. Fine. I came in this morning and I still have a yellow triangle with a ! next to the disk. I got the disk re-seated and it came up Foreign. So I have cleared the Foreign flag from within OpenManage and marked it as Hot Spare again. Now it looks like nothing is happening. I still have a non-critical !.

When I view "Virtual Disks", I only see green ticks, apart from disk 0.0.3 (the one we have replaced) is missing from that list. Does this mean that the disk we have replaced was actually a hot spare? Is there anyway for me to check?  Why does OpenManage still say I have a non-critical warning?  Anyone have any suggestions or advice?

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There are several possibilities. The two most likely are that either this is a non-certified HDD or OMSA is not reporting correctly. OMSA will sometimes not update properly with hardware changes until the system is restarted.

The easiest way to find out what is going on is to review the controller/TTY log. If you would like me to review the log then upload it somewhere and give me a URL to either download or view it. Text sharing sites like pastebin are easy to use for sharing text files. You may also be able to upload it to our forum, I'm not sure of user limitations on our file sharing. Please do not paste full logs into a reply though, they are difficult to read from the forum and make the entire thread difficult to follow.


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