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PERC H710 Mini (Embedded) - which HD 10K are compatible?

Hi guys!

I have a  PowerEdge R720 with PERC H710 Mini (Embedded) and 4x HD Seagate ST31000424SS (1TB 7.2K 6G SAS).

I want to fill the enclosure, adding four HD, but I prefer they quicker (15K or 10K), same capacity of 1TB.

which model og HD shall I purchase?

In any case, is possible to make a RAID5 together with existing HD?

many thanks!


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RE: PERC H710 Mini (Embedded) - which HD 10K are compatible?


The closiest I could find is  P/N 36RH9 or WXPCX for 1.2TB,SAS,10K, 2.5" hard drives. Depending on the backplane, they may require 3.5" carriers. They can be mixed in RAID with existing drives. However, the common operating drive RPM may be around 7.2K

Robert Alakara

Dell EMC | Enterprise Services

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