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PERC S100 RAID1 re-attached disk not shown as a member disk

Hi All,

I have a big problem I have to solve ASAP. Our customer has a S100 RAID controller, with 2 SSD drives in RAID1. Yesterday, we had to install a new OS to them to a brand new SSD RAID1 array, so just removed the two other drives from the machine. The plan was that the old OS will work in another computer from a solo drive, but it didn't boot up from the SSD and we saw that the computer is not shown any data on that. So we have connected one of the drives back to the original server and it only see the disk as physical drive but not the member of the original RAID1 array. (We haven't deleted the array, so it shows a failed status without member disks.) Tried the other SSD drive, as the other member of the array and the same effect. Then finally tried to connect only the two original drives on the same SATA ports, the 2 drives are shown in the RAID menu but not as a RAID member. I cannot found any option to recover, not in the RAID menu and nor in the OMSA. We can't reach important data on them. Please help! What will happen if I try an initialization for S100 on one of them? Data will lost finally or it will write another RAID header on the disk?

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Re: PERC S100 RAID1 re-attached disk not shown as a member disk

Hi BZoli,


first of all the PERC S100 is a software RAID controller, it does not offer that much flexibility than any of the hardware RAID controllers.


The process of initialization is a destructive process, means that all data will be overwritten.


Normally the RAID information is written in the drives head, so after putting them back in the controller should read the RAID configuration and ask you what to do with that foreign configuration <IMPORT> or <DELETE>. It's obvious that you should import the config in order to get the old VD config back.


Does OMSA show you anything about a foreign config - if so, try to import it.




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