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PERC error "device failed to start code 10"


I'm using a perc H330 on my custom pc. The motherboard is evga x79 classified. I've 4 ssd, one is the OS (windows 10) disk connected to sata3 port, the other 3 are connected to the H330.

The problem is, when the "load storage oprom" option in the motherboard bios is set to "legacy", which allows me to see the PERC initialization screen and use CTRL+R to configure it before the motherboard bios, Windows can not properly start the PERC, and gives the "device failed to start (code 10)" message.

When the "load storage oprom" option is set to "none" or "uefi", the initialization screen doesn't appear, and everything works fine in Windows.

However, as I want to install Windows on raid, the option must be set to "legacy". Under this setting, not only Windows can't start the PERC, the Windows installation can not see it either (driver corrected loaded).

Help please. How to fix it?

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