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PERC h700 Large SATA Drive Support over SAS

Hi everyone,

I have a PowerEdge r410 w/ 16GB of memory and two Xeon CPU's in it that recently had its RAID controller brick itself on me. This prompted an update of the entire drive arrangement on the server. That's when we started running into issues.

We're a small office without a lot of resources, so I figured I could handle everything myself (haha). I purchased a PERC h700, the upgraded proprietary SAS/power cable (to upgrade from SAS-1 to SAS-2) and four 3TB WD Red drives (WD30EFRX).

The issue I have is actually quite simple to explain, though difficult to diagnose: when I boot into the PERC's system configuration it does not detect any of the WD Red drives. I cannot create virtual drives and the physical list is always empty. I have updated the BIOS (on both the system and the PERC) and updated the firmware.

The only things that I can consider as potential issues are these: 1, I have the SAS/SATA cable from the drives plugged into the riser card SAS port on the motherboard, with a PCI/e PERC (not the integrated one). The SAS cable is not plugged into the integrated ports of the PERC itself. 2, the previous PERC I had in this machine (the one that got bricked) was a PERC 6/i which I know did not support drives larger than 2TB. Could this same problem apply to the h700?

Thanks for your help everyone,

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RE: PERC h700 Large SATA Drive Support over SAS


We have different types of the PERC H700 controllers which require different cable connections. What is the part number of your H700 controller?

Thank you.

Robert Alakara

Dell EMC | Enterprise Services

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