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POWEREDGE 850 and SAS (mini) Hard Drives...

I wanted to learn about 'Servers' so I purchased a PowerEdge 850 from eBay for $40, plus shipping!  It was sold with a "SCSI" drive and controller, but really has a SATA/IDE (CD) Controller and one tiny SATA hard drive installed.

Before receiving my shipment I ordered two 2TB "SCSI" Drives.  Before my order I did some research and I was more than impressed with durability (MTBF) and the SAS speed ~ so I ordered two!  Then my drives were received with SAS-mini connectors?  More learning...

Now I want to convert my 850 to a "basic" SCSI SAS(mini) controller that supports TWO 2TB SAS-mini Drives; NOT in a RAID configuration.  I want drive 0 to boot to Windows 7 (64) OS and drive 1 to store files, movies and documents. 

Meanwhile I maxed the memory to total 8GB AND added a new 1TB SATA drive and all work fine now... just nowhere near as fast as I hoped things will be.

Yes there was and IS quite a learning curve... but now I'm the "SCSI rabbit hole" that has SO many special 'rules' and compatibility issues that "I" ~ as a total novice am more than confused!  Forgive me.

I've seen a few YOUTUBE links that show easy SCSI installs but none actually mention the operating system?

So kindly let me know?... Are my goals reachable without being totally flogged or killed?  Or is my Dell 850 simply too old and not compatible?

Thank you for reading this and I thank you for any help you can offer!



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Re: POWEREDGE 850 and SAS (mini) Hard Drives...

Hi Anthony,

Please send a private message with your service tag to ensure we have all appropriate information on your system.

Windows 7 is not validated for the PE850 and is not supported. With that being said, With being said, Server 2008 is based on Windows 7 and in most cases the drivers can be used if needed. Here is a link to the supported OS's:


I am unsure of what you are trying to do with the hard drives. Here is a link to the Installation and Troubleshooting Guide that may help.



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Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

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