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Perc 5/i upgrade on a DELL PE2900 running VMware 4.0

I would like to upgrade the firmware on this raid controller to the latest so that I can, hopefully, get the ability to add an extra drive to an already exisiting RAID 5 array.  Right now, with the version of firmware/driver that I have installed, this is not possible. 

Question,  becuase I have this vmware middle layer, which firmware should I be uploading  the .exe or the .bin

My initial thought was to try the .exe from a bootable USB but I was unable to get it to install as I received the error "Not DOS compatible"   so I am wondering if I downloaded the wrong .exe or if I am taking the wron approach to this firmware and driver upgrade.





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Re: Perc 5/i upgrade on a DELL PE2900 running VMware 4.0

The only way to expand a raid 5 is by using Open Manage Server Administrator. The firmware version shouldn't make a difference (though updating wouldn't hurt).

If you're running ESX, there's a linux package for OMSA. If you're running ESXi, you'll need to install the ESXi version of OMSA using vCLI (or the VMA), and then install the Windows version of OMSA on anything running any version of Windows (doesn't even need to be a Dell system (ie. could be a VM, your desktop/laptop, or something else).

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