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Perc 6/i performance across connectors

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Hi --

I'm configuring a PowerEdge 2950 III with Perc 6/i.

I have

  • 2x 146G 15K SAS disks
  • 4x 300G 15K SAS disks

I have a RAID 1 array on the 146G disks, and will setup up a RAID 10 array on the 300G disks.  

Installing XenServer hypervisor on the RAID 1 array and various VMs on the RAID 10 array.

My question has to do with the RAID "connectors."

As I understand it, Connector 0 connects to the first 4 drives (0-3) and Connector 1 connects to the remaining 2 drives.

Does it matter how the drives are distributed across the connectors?  How will that impact performance and/or redundancy?

Currently, the RAID 1 drives are both on Connector 0.  If I need to split them across the connectors, can I just move one drive physically to the last drive slot?

I think the Xen hypervisor doesn't do much IO itself, so maybe it would be good to leave both RAID 1 drives on Connector 0, so that the RAID 10 array is distributed across Connector 0 and Connector 1... ?

Thanks for your help!

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RE: Perc 6/i performance across connectors

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Connectors will NOT affect redundancy or performance.  The controller is capable of reading/writing across connectors seamlessly.

The ONLY potential issue with connectors is the very rare occurrence that a cable or connector goes bad, in which case,  you could lose all drives on a given connector.  In that case, you could split arrays on the slots to mitigate that possibility, but the possibility is so remote that it's probably not worth doing.

You do not need to split your RAID 1 drives to be on different connectors, but if you "need" to for some other reason, there is nothing wrong doing so either.


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