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Perc H700 with UltraStar SSD settings

I've been testing a set of HUSMH8040BSS200,  400GB enterprise SSDs with the h700.

None of the cache policies makes a huge difference with crystal mark.  

But.. Having the write back cache on the h700 on hurts the 4k writes by 1/2.   So no on write back with this SSD.    But turning the disk cache on or off made no difference.   That makes no sense to me.

They put a cache on the SSD for a reason, seems having it on would show up in crystal disk mark.

I'm thinking of leaving the disk cache on and h700 on write through (can't actually turn it off) because SSDs might have less wear with some cache on.

The h700 has 512 megs of cache, my guess is the SSD has less.    So wondering if the larger cache might help more than the ssd cache with like a sql database.   

So which is better the larger slower h700 cache or the SSD cache?

The SSD does have capacitor data protection from power outages so can be left on or off it won't loose data if power fails.



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