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Perc h700 Seagate 12TB RAID1

Dear all,

I've just configured two disks in raid 1 [ ST12000NM0008 ] on my R710 gen 2

All good for now but for the past days the green lights from caddies went off, they worked in the first place,

Also i think the idrac express is faulty because it changes the fan speed randomly, i've managed to fix it temporarily by resetting it to default, it stopped being weird, if i configure the management nw it starts to go crazy again

Firmware is latest for: h700, bios, idrac, lifecycle

Thank you for you reading my issue,

Best Regards,


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Re: Perc h700 Seagate 12TB RAID1



First, probably you might need to check if the RAID controller is up to date firmware, also the iDRAC and BIOS. 


If you're using a non-Dell drive, you are more likely to face issues. The firmware on the drives aren't so called compatible with the system firmware. 


Next would be try doing a RACADM RACRESET. Link for steps: https://dell.to/2TmQ4mz

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