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Power Edge R340 - how properly monitor RAID on PERC in Debian 10?

Dell servers are new for me.

I have one on the desk with installed Debian 10 buster (i will not use Red Hat/Centos). What is the best way to monitor drive health and propper function of RAID?

With standard Linux tools, like smartmontools i can see only status of JBOD drivers. I cannot see any way how to monitor any drive behind PERC H330 or that small storage space with two SD cards ... (which is now dedicated for readonly part for hypervisor).

I searched for some DEB package which will allow me work with PERC - no success.

I don't have iDrac licence, because i just don't have another IPv4 for this machine and i don't want open any other services into internet.

Without monitoring it is more safe for me use mdadm and create software RAID. Is it only way?

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Re: Power Edge R340 - how properly monitor RAID on PERC in Debian 10?

Unfortunately, the only software management option for a single node would be OpenManage Server Administrator,but while there is a version that was released for Ubuntu use, there isn't one listed for use in Debian. I'm not a Debian user, but I know that Ubuntu was based off of Debian. If you'd like to try one of those packages, I'll link to the page below.

Our other management offerings would need the iDRAC to have a routable IP. However, having your iDRAC reachable over the internet is not what support would consider to be best practice.

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Re: Power Edge R340 - how properly monitor RAID on PERC in Debian 10?

Yes, i agree, open iDrac to the internet is very bad idea, but i have no intentions to do it.

I don't need fancy management bloatware with everything. I just need simple report about hardware status, if hardware is ok or not. Something like one command, which i can parse and filter with grep and then send email about it if needed. This is how we usually works on Linux.

02:00.0 RAID bus controller: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic MegaRAID SAS-3 3008 [Fury] (rev 02)
(This forum really <Profanity removed> for console outputs... where is tag PRE at least?)

I found this

First - why it needs service tag? It is some driver for hardware, right? And because of that, it is unusable without that hardware. Let me some privacy.

Second problem - where is the generic Linux support? Why is every manufacturer so anoying and trying support only very few Linux distributions? There is whole world of many versions and many variants of secure Linux distributions. Just publish source codes or universal static binary (like nVidia does). I really hate use Red Hat, Ubuntu or SuSE. Not mention MS WIndows of any kind.

So thanks for problems.

Fine... i am counting to ten...

Then i downloaded all files under "Category" "SAS RAID" - Right now i still don't really know which one is for what.


I cannot do anything with BIN. I cannot run perccli.efi, because it have inside Microsoft exe structure...<Substitute character removed>? Really, it starts with letters MZ. And i cannot use mvcli, it contains simple installer and some libmvraid.so libraries, but it seems to be unusable, install.sh copies files in propper directories, but it is all.

./mvcli: error while loading shared libraries: libmvraid.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I tried mvcli in folder static too, but it fails with SIGSEGV.

So far, worst Linux support i ever seen.

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Re: Power Edge R340 - how properly monitor RAID on PERC in Debian 10?

Finally i found this

At first look, it seems to be promissing

But at second look - inside is again one EXE file for MS Windows (<Substitute character removed>??) and one rpm package which is not really convenient on Debian like distributions and derivates like Ubuntu of course.

But finally! Inside this RPM are two static binaries - standard ELF (Linux executable) and it does something.

It still <Profanity removed>, static binaries on Linux are like slap in the face, but better than nothing, as long, as it does what it should.

And it does something.2019-12-13_nc_antracit_perccli64_show_first_attempt.png

There are still so many questions.
- how it look like, when one drive is failing?
- how i should read these numbers?
- where is manual for this utility?

Right now i have 4 hard drives. Two of them are in mirror a two are standalone JBOD.

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Re: Power Edge R340 - how properly monitor RAID on PERC in Debian 10?

I sent two posts, why are invisible? It waiting for moderation?

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