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Power Edge R710 RAID controller Battery Failure

My PowerEdge 710 displays on LCD Panel " E1211 RAID Battery Failure, Check Battery"  

Can the system operate with this error; it seems to power up ok and is functional?

What is the purpose of this battery? If I need to replace it what is the part number?


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Re: Power Edge R710 RAID controller Battery Failure



Here a brief information about PERC battery: https://dell.to/3fqegNF


In general, it stores the data cache.


The system can operate, just that it cannot afford to be in a power failure; in such like power outage, then it would have data corruption. 


I would need the service tag of your system to check what RAID controller are you using, then I would be able to identify which RAID battery that is the system. Alternative, you can find that out yourself with the help of the user guide manual, and locate the RAID battery.




Do let me know if you have any other issues. 

Joey Chong
Dell EMC Enterprise Support Services
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