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PowerEdge 1800 with an Adaptec PCI-E ASR-3805 RAID card?

Has anyone tried this combination?

I need more space on my PowerEdge 1800 server. It currently has the CERC1.5/6 ch RAID card in the PCI-X slot.  Adaptec didn't make a PCI-X card that supported more than 1 TB per drive and I believe that I may have better luck getting an Adaptec card to work in this server, as Adaptec manufactured many of Dell's CERC and PERC RAID cards.

The PCI-E x8 slot has a video card in it so I can play movies on the server (I might be able to move it to the x4 slot, but don't want to at this time as I don't know if the data throughput would be high enough).  The Adaptec PCI-E x4 ASR-3805 RAID card is available used for a reasonable price, supports SAS and SATA drives, and supports 2 TB per drive and 8 drives (I only need 6).

I know Dell doesn't support this combination.  I've spent a couple of days Googling and haven't found any mention of any PowerEdge 1800 owner using this RAID card.  Has anyone tried it or knows someone who has?  I can always buy the card and try it myself, but I'd like to avoid spending the money if someone has tried this combination and it didn't work for them.

Thanks in advance to all.

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